Top 6 IIT Coaching Institutes in Indore for Your JEE Preparation

Top 6 IIT Coaching Institutes in Indore

Few years back, students from Indore and nearby placed used to go to Kota, Rajasthan for their JEE Preparation, due to the lack of good IIT Coaching Institutes in Indore. Only a few IIT Coaching Institutes were present in Indore, which were neither producing any results nor had good faculties or facilities. But the presence of large mass of very good students preparing for JEE in Indore has attracted some good coaching institutes for IIT JEE along with good faculties. In the last few years, many good IIT coaching institutes started their classes here and you can see that many students have backed top results. Now the students in Indore are competing head to head with students from other parts of India that are famous for IIT Coaching, like Kota and Hyderabad. And students here are facing the same problem as those faced by students from Kota, Hyderabad, Delhi etc, which is – All the IIT coaching institutes claim to be the best, but which coaching institute is actually the best and which one should you opt for?

So, in this blog, I will be touching each and every aspect of the Top 6 IIT Coaching Institutes in Indore.

Rank 1 : CatalyseR Indore –

CatalyseR Indore has produced best results among all the IIT JEE coaching institutes in Indore. It has secured 3 under 10 ranks in last 3 years : AIR-3 in 2014 and 2015 and AIR-6 in 2016. The best minds of Indore come here, so the competitive atmosphere is great. The directors are well qualified, so it is best if you are taught by them. You get good amount of personal attention. Overall it has good environment and teachers are friendly and they keep you motivated. The only problem with this institute is, over the years it has grown and the best faculties have started to migrate to other institutes or other centers of CatalyseR. But currently it is the best option to opt for.

Rank 2 : Kalpvriksha Indore – 

They have decent results. The faculties present here are good but their main focus is on extreme hard work, which is actually the best part. There are small batches of 30-50 people, they have to stay from morning 8am to night 8pm in the coaching itself and study, there will be volunteers to help you clear your doubts. Very small breaks during the study hours and not much of talking with friends. So, there is high level of personal attention you get there. Their results are growing year by year and most importantly they are not much into marketing and they do not show fake and misleading results. Only students who are willing to do hard work and are passionate enough must opt for it. Here you need to be determined and dedicated, and you will most likely succeed.

Rank 3 : FIITJEE Indore – 

They have produced good results in recent past but the important thing is, it’s not from their Year Long Classroom Program, it’s mostly from their Intensive Contact Program(ICP) and Distance Learning Program(DLP). Most of good students join ICP after they have completed their course in their respective institutes, to give an edge to their preparation. They have comparatively less students but the faculties are decent.

As you can see, Kartik Patekar of CatalyseR has done ICP from Fiitjee Indore.

Rank 4 : InJEEnious ACADEMY Indore –

Former Head of the Departments of Stratford Academy, which was one of the best institute in Indore once upon a time for JEE preparation, founded InJEEnious Academy. It has a good selection ratio. 75 students qualified for JEE Main and 25 students out of that cracked JEE Advanced. The number of students per batch is less and the fees is also less but they give high personal attention. As the same faculty teach in all the batches, there isn’t any discrimination between students and the faculty is good. But there’s a drawback: if you do not like the faculties, then you will have no other choice than to leave the institute. So, if you are financially weak then this is a good choice.

Rank 5 : Allen Indore – 

Allen Indore is yet to produce results. They mostly go around buying the best faculties of all the institutes in Indore and has completely bought Rankers Point which was once considered a very good coaching institute for IIT JEE in Indore. So, the faculty strength and level are good here, but you surely know that only faculty cannot make you crack JEE. After their inception, Allen Indore has increased its batch sizes from 50 to 100+. So, the current batch size is huge. If you are in the best batch, then it is worth to join Allen, but if you are in any of the lower batches, you are just wasting money. Allen has good infrastructure and facilities. The fees is high and there is lack of personal attention and below average results. They publicize their all India results and ask students to join the Indore center. The students, thinking that they will get the same standards join and then afterwards regret.

Rank 6 : Vijay Academy Indore – 

After having performed very good in Mhow, Vijay Academy has recently started it’s IIT Coaching Centre in Indore. To be really frank, currently they are not able to compete with the above stated coaching institutes. In spite of performing decently in JEE main, the JEE Advanced results of their Indore center are not up to the mark. Only 23 students cracked JEE Advanced in 2016. I would suggest, that as it has not proven its mettle yet, you should not opt for it.

So, I believe it’s clear that if you wish to crack JEE then you should go for Classroom courses in CatalyseR or Kalpvriksha and after your course completion, you should opt for IDC in FIITJEE. Before joining Kalpvriksha, you should always ask yourself whether you can work so hard. If you aim to not only crack JEE but also wish to get great ranks, then certainly go for CatalyseR, as it has best brains of Indore and you get a good competitive atmosphere, which is one of the most important things to get good rank.

We do not disagree that hard work is the most important aspect of cracking JEE, but smart work and the way you study matters a lot, because  there are many students in India who work hard, so hard work alone will not do. The coaching institutes come into play because they know how you should study and how your knowledge can be more productive. They prevent you from getting deviated.

If you are OK with going anywhere in India for IIT preparation then see my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India.

It’s important that you just don’t blindly believe in whatever the coaching institutes are claiming, because now it has become a very big industry. Many show fake and misleading results. You need to do good research before you choose any of them. This is where Ransphire comes in, we show genuine reviews of coaching institutes given by students who have studied in them. 

We have tried our level best to get the rankings right. Please share your opinion in the comments. If you liked this blog, please share it with your friends and share it on Facebook. Like our Facebook Page , and subscribe to our blog to get notification when we publish any blog. Keep checking Ransphire for more coaching reviews.

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