Top 4 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Lucknow for Your JEE Preparation

Top 4 IIT JEE Coaching Institutions in Lucknow

Students from various IIT JEE Coaching Institutes of Lucknow have performed very good in past years in JEE Main and Advanced. Few of them have got good ranks in Top 100 in the IIT exam (formerly IIT JEE, now JEE Main and Advanced) as well. Every year thousands of students from all over India and especially from Uttar Pradesh come to Lucknow for JEE preparation, with the dream to crack JEE. Though coaching centers for IIT JEE in Lucknow do not have as high reputation as those in Kota, Hyderabad or Delhi, but in recent years, many good coaching institution have come up in Lucknow and have shown fantastic results. Many of the coaching franchises like FIITJEE Lucknow, Resonance Lucknow etc. are present here. If someone can go far from their hometown for JEE preparation, then I would certainly recommend him to go to Kota or Hyderabad, but if that student is a resident of Lucknow and wishes to prepare while staying at home, then Lucknow has few of the best coaching institutions for IIT JEE for them. Every coaching claims to be the best, so I have mentioned the rankings of the Top 4 IIT JEE Coaching Classes in Lucknow with detailed points:

Rank 1 : Fiitjee Lucknow – 

Fiitjee has been constantly producing the best results in Lucknow for many years. 50+ students got ranks below 10000 in JEE Advanced, which is far more than any of their competitors. It has produced city topper many times in JEE advanced and also state topper. See what the toppers have to say. They have the best faculties in Lucknow. There are many branches of FIITJEE in Lucknow of which Gomti Nagar Center is the best and renowned. The FIITJEE study material has high standards and the FIITJEE Test Series, the All India Test Series(AITS) is very good. The infrastructure is good as well and you get well spaced classrooms. The administration is well maintained. The best students preparing for IIT JEE from Lucknow join FIITJEE, so you can get a good and competitive environment where you can learn, discuss and grow. The only problem of FIITJEE Lucknow is the level of studies. Sometimes they teach some topics in great details which are not required for JEE, but only for Olympiads. The fees is a bit higher but you can get good scholarship by getting good rank in their admission test, FTRE. So if you wish to join the best institute in Lucknow, Fiitjee is the one. See genuine reviews of Fiitjee Lucknow here.
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Rank 2 : Resonance Lucknow –

Resonance has grown very quickly in Lucknow. Though it was established after FIITJEE in Lucknow, Resonance has gained significant popularity. 350+ students qualified for JEE advanced and they secured the best rank of 269 in JEE advanced 2016. See what the toppers have to say. You should note that as FIITJEE is more popular, the best students go to FIITJEE and Resonance gets more average students, but even after that they are able to produce good results. Their infrastructure is also great. They have few faculties like PRS Sir for Physics, SKM Sir for Physical Chemistry etc who know exactly how to guide students to secure good ranks in JEE and other engineering entrances. Though the average faculty quality is a bit lower than FIITJEE but it’s improving. The level of teaching is exactly of JEE Main and Advanced, so this gives them a head over FIITJEE. The study material and tests are of same level. It can be considered to be the best for JEE main as it does not teach useless topics like FIITJEE. See genuine reviews of Resonance Lucknow here.
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Rank 3 : TriVaAg Lucknow – 

TriVaAg is totally different than Fiitjee or Resonance. Here there is only one faculty for each subject i.e. Trivedi Sir for Maths, Verma Sir for Physics, Agarwal Sir for Chemistry and they have tied up with Joshi Classes, so there is K.C.Joshi for Maths. So, you will get to read from the same faculties over the year. In Fiitjee or Resonance though there are many faculties for each subject and thus your faculties will depend on the batch you study in. This can be good or bad. If you get good faculty then you will not like if he gets changed. So, in TriVaAg if you like those faculties, then its great, but if you do not then you have no other choice than to leave the institute. 110+ students qualified for JEE advanced and 10+ students got ranks below 10000. They are not a franchise institute like Fiitjee and Resonance, but a local institute trying to compete with the national brands. The study material and test is not of that standards as Fiitjee, and the faculties are OK type. Many students who wish to do good at Boards, opt for it.

Rank 4 : Aakash Lucknow –

Aakash is good, but not great. It has not been able to compete with the other institutes here. So, it’s better not to opt for it.

So, if you wish to get best ranks in JEE advanced, then go for FIITJEE, but if you only want to do good in JEE Main and other entrances, or if you are an average student, then you can opt for Resonance. I would not suggest you TriVaAg for now.

Though you can crack JEE by only doing self study and not joining any coaching, but having coaching will certainly give you an edge as the coaching faculties know how to prepare and they can guide you.

If you are OK with going anywhere in India for IIT preparation then see my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India.

It’s important that you do not go by the number of selections which the coaching centers show because most of the coaching centers publish the number from all their centers from all its centers from India, but what is important is the number of selected students from the center you want to study in. So beware of such fake news. And few coaching institutions also add their students who took only Distance learning program in their results, and others think that they actually secured so many ranks. And there are institutes who show percent selection in JEE Advanced out of students who qualified for it after JEE Main, but actually they should show the percentage out of students who studied there and gave JEE, and not only those who qualified for JEE Advanced. So try to do good research on all the coaching institutions before you join one, because this decision can change your life.

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