Top 12 Books for Your JEE Preparation – Best JEE Books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Confused about which books to read for your JEE preparation? Well, lakhs of students who start preparing for JEE feel the same kind of dilemma, including me, when I was preparing for JEE. Having cleared IIT JEE Advanced, I will share with you the books I and most of my friends who cracked JEE used and specify the details of them, and also the reasons as to why you should or should not follow some of the books.

Best books for JEE Physics

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma – It is the best book for physics JEE preparation. All the topics required for JEE is covered extensively. The chapters are very concise and there is no useless text. There are many solved and unsolved questions which every student must solve. There are different types of questions like short answers, multiple choice and subjective which help students to get ready for each of the types.  This book will test your concepts  and you will get to understand the logic in a very clear way. Though this book in itself is not sufficient as the number of questions are quite less for JEE standards, but this book is a must!.


  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker – This book contains a lot of theory with sufficient number of real life examples, which will help you understand the topic in a very detailed manner. I would recommend it to you only if you do not understand any topic of H C Verma, because the chapters have much more explanation than is required for JEE Main and Advanced. The questions present at the end of the chapters are good and mostly inspired by some real life example, so it will be interesting to solve those questions.

  • IIT JEE Physics by DC Pandey This book is really good for practicing questions, but not the theory part. Though the initial edition of the book had many mistakes, it is improving year after year. So you should buy the new version of this book. There are plenty of problems which are both challenging and specific to the syllabus of competitive exams. There are many students who follow this book and have improved a lot. If you are in some good coaching then you need not do this book as you will get similar type of problems in your coaching sheets. But if you are not in any coaching, this book is best for you!


  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov – This book has many tough and drilling problems, even way beyond IIT JEE level. So, I will never recommend this to anyone, at least not for JEE preparation. If you are very interested in Physics and love solving very challenging problems yourself, only then you can opt for this book. There are many teachers who will recommend this book to you, but they only do so to make it sound and look “difficult”. (:P)

In Physics, concept and practice both are very important. If you practice a lot without building on your concepts, then you reach nowhere. You will see a few students do very good even without practicing a lot in Physics, this is only because they know the concept very well and can apply them efficiently.

Best books for JEE Organic Chemistry

  • OP Tandon – This book is the best book for JEE’s Organic Chemistry. The theory and reactions are well mentioned and are simplified so that you can understand and learn them nicely. The chapters are well divided and structured. It includes multiple choice, matching-type, assertion reason-type and subjective questions for you to practice and are of JEE level.

  • NCERT – NCERT is good but not self sufficient. You need to study some other books if you are doing NCERT, as it does not contain all the required variations in problems and reactions which are required to understand and crack JEE.

In Organic Chemistry, the most important thing is practice. If you only know the concepts, it will not help you. So, which ever book you do, make sure you practice a lot. The questions will not take much time to solve like in Physical Chemistry or Physics etc, but you need to do at least 10x more questions of this subject than that of Physical Chemistry.

Best books for JEE Inorganic Chemistry

  • NCERT – For Inorganic Chemistry, this book is more than self sufficient. This is the Bible for Inorganic Chemistry. As there are concepts in every chapter, but in inorganic chemistry there are many concepts and exceptions, so you will lastly have to remember the concepts by heart, so that you do not forget or confuse during JEE Mains or Advanced. It is the truth, you will have to learn many things, so it’s important to read only the things that are in the JEE syllabus. Most of the other books for Inorganic have much more content than required, so if you follow those you will end up learning many useless things. Its good to learn by practice in Inorganic. I would like to strongly recommend you this book, you must study and solve this!


Best books for JEE Physical Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon – Same as Organic Chemistry, O P Tandon for Physical is of the finest books. The author has covered all the topics in the best way so that you can understand and apply it to solve the problems. There are many types of problems at the end of each chapter which go level by level, helping to grasp each topic nicely. Physical Chemistry is also conceptual, so its important that you understand it nicely.

  • Coaching Classes Study Material – Though O.P. Tandon is good book. But you should also relate to the study materials(if possible) of renowned coachings like Fiitjee, Resonance, Allen or Vibrant etc. These materials are available online or in market.


Best books for JEE Mathematics

  • Maths By R.D. Sharma – This book is the best for JEE to make the basics clear for Mathematics. It contains theory for each chapter which is self explanatory and the there are many solved/unsolved problems which will build your foundation for entrance exams. I will not say that it is self sufficient for JEE Advanced though, because there aren’t as many tough problems as is  required for JEE Advanced preparation. So, for JEE Advanced at least, you have to consult other books or coaching institutions sheets.

  • Calculus By Amit Agarwal – For calculus this book is idle. It contains problems which will start from the basic level and go upto the highest level. There are many techniques described to quickly solve the problems which is most important for Jee. You can do it after you have done R.D. Sharma.

  • Algebra by S.K. Goyal – This book is very good for JEE preparation. There are sufficient tough questions to practice. So, again you need to do R.D. Sharma first and then this book.

So, these are the few books I would recommend you. There will be many people who will suggest you many books, but its important for you to first choose which will be best for you and then start it, because most of the students start one book and then shift to another in the middle, and then another. This lastly creates a chaos and the student becomes puzzled. So, choose wisely.

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