Talk To CBSE Board Toppers – Tips to Help You Ace in Board Exam

board exam tips, preparation tips, talk to toppers
board exam tips, preparation tips, talk to toppers
board exam tips, preparation tips, talk to toppers

CBSE Board Exams are the most important exams of a student’s life. Few of the students perform good but many do not though they work hard. What distinguishes the toppers from others is the way to study in the last few months before the CBSE Exams. Each have their own problem which prevents them from succeeding and the biggest problem that students face is not having personal guidance from Toppers of Board Exams. The toppers know how to utilize the last few months. They work intelligently and get good marks. There are many instances that by studying only 30 days nicely, students are able to get above 95%.

There is no online platform which help us to directly contact and have personal guidance from Toppers. So, we are introducing Talk To Topper, where you can directly have a chat or video call with CBSE Toppers and get personal guidance and tips. You can also talk to students who cracked IIT JEE and IITians for guidance for how to prepare for IIT and which coaching should you choose for IIT preparation. The best thing in this is you will be given options to talk to multiple toppers and as per your wish you can talk to any of them.

Most of the counselling platforms or personnel working nowadays are fraud and only aim to make money. So, we have taken all measures to keep authenticity of our platform, and you can see the result card of the toppers you take guidance from.

Our aim is solve this problem, which we faced once and help students to do best in their board and entrance exams.

Board exam preparation tips – how to prepare for class 12 boards – Talk by Shaan Jain, 97%

There are IITians in our platform also with whom you can personal talk and get guidance on which Coaching should they choose for Jee main and advanced preparation, how to prepare for Jee and which test series should you choose and how to study for Jee main and advanced in last 30 days etc.

Students generally face with specific problems or they have a specific type of doubts like if someone wishes to join coaching for Jee then he may have a doubt that which coaching will give him personal care etc. So, to solve such type of specific doubts, we have introduced Talk To Topper. If you have seen Taare Zameen Par, then you will know how small personal guidance from a good mentor can help you excel in any field you want. No one is less intelligent, it’s just the manner and passion with which you study which makes the difference. Hard work is important, but only hard work does not take you to success, smart work and studying things which are important and removing those which are not is important, is what makes one successful in very less time. Often students repeatedly perform badly in exams, and they think that they are that intelligent but most of the times it’s because of some small mistakes they do while studying. Either they do not study the right thing, or not from good books or do not take tests or have some personal problem with some topic or cannot learn things etc. There are many ways to deal with these problem in a very less time and then you will be able to excel same as the toppers. ‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently’. 

See how Ankit Kumar, one of our toppers-on-board, secured more than 90% in CBSE class 12 by studying for less than 15 days.

Ransphire is a platform where we help students to choose the best for them – best way to study, best coaching, best college etc. We have genuine reviews on IIT main and advanced Coaching in Kota, DelhiBengaluru, Hyderabad and many other cities. You can see our blog on Best Coaching For IIT Jee Main and Advanced in India.

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16 Comments on “Talk To CBSE Board Toppers – Tips to Help You Ace in Board Exam”

  1. Sir from today i have one month to my Final board examination i have to prepare for pcb and English i don’t understand how to proceed for the preparations for securing the very good marks

      1. I haven’t studied whole year in class 12th and I have 3 months for my board exams what should do and I have gone through your 15 day program but you had attended coaching classes but I haven’t and can’t afford. Please help and what should I do??

    1. If you are ok with 70-85%, then yes last year question papers will do, but only for Physics and Chemistry but not for Maths or English. You cannot learn maths.

  2. Hlw sir..This is somi and i want to know that how i can score 90 percent marks in pcm board exam..actually i was tensed how i prepare for my board exams and what to do and my session would start after 4 days as a senior i want some tips from u that i how i can score good marks upto 90 as a average student.

  3. Bhaia I am getting nervous because of my continuous average performance in. Class 11 and 12 half early exams I want to get above 90percent in 12 board and 1 have left with almost 5 months …. Please help me out I am good student and I don’t like any one calling me average ..i scored 9.6cgpa in 10th board

  4. Hello ,I am student of class 12. I am am weak in PCM what i can do ? If i cover all topics of NCERT Book and solve it questions can i score 90+ or not . And solving last 10 years board papers question will be + point or not for board exam…….

  5. Hey guys Sidharth here…. I’m a student whose weak in maths and I have about 15 days to prepare. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks

  6. hii i am studying humanities and this year i am going to appear board i didn’t study whole year and i have just left 20 days for the board plz help me to secure good marks. my subjects are eng geo eco history and hindi

  7. Is it necessary to study more reference book than ncert. I have only 3month only Maximum. I want to get above 90%what can I do Plzzzzzz suggest me. I need ur help

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