How can You choose between Offline Coaching VS Online Coaching for JEE Main and Advanced

With the latest technology coming into play, internet reach and speed has grown incredibly. Coaching for JEE (Main and Advanced) which has predominantly been in offline mode is now starting to get online. And as we all know nothing can beat technology, so is the offline coaching mode.

But has the Online mode of preparation for JEE already replaced the Offline Mode, that consists of Coaching Institutions for JEE like Allen, Bansal, Vibrant and FIITJEE? No, certainly not. But will it, some day? Yes, certainly.

In the recent years the internet reach in India has increased dramatically. Most of the Indian cities and many of the villages are now connected with 3G/4G network, which has paved the path for Online education, including JEE preparation. Few of the offline coaching institutes for JEE have started their online courses also, but most of them are yet to taste the online heat. On one side while Online institutes are trying to make their way into this coaching sector, the Offline institutes are willing to maintain their dominance.

So, Where do they stand against each other? And which mode is better for you?

In the following lines, I will discuss in details about each aspect.

Experience of Teachers : As offline coaching classes have been there for a long time, the faculties teaching there have many years of experience. Few coaching institutes like Allen, Fiitjee, Vibrant Academy have faculties with 10+ year experience.  So, they know exactly how to guide a student to crack the competitive exams. On the other hand, there are new online coaching like Byjus, Toppr, Embibe etc. in which the faculties are relatively less experienced.

Results in Entrance Exams : The offline coaching Institutes have performed exceptionally well from many years. Every year students from all over India come to Kota, Delhi, Hyderabad to crack JEE/PMT. But the online mode is new and is yet to be tested. We will get to know about it in next few years.

Teaching Methodology : In the offline coaching institutes specially in Kota, the strength of students in a class is somewhere around 100-200, so for students who do not get the front benches, get into problem. There are cases where students eyesight weakens and they have to put on specs. Students who are introvert face a real issue in this crowd as they are not able to communicate with the teachers and fail to clear their personal doubts. But in online coaching, there is no such issue as you do online coaching from home, so you are not in a huge crowd in classroom. You can easily ask your personal doubts and get it cleared. But the problem with online coaching is that the face to face interaction is limited for now (I believe it will overcome this problem in few years). In the offline institutes, the students who are outspoken, can easily interact with the teachers. In online mode, they make videos in which they make you visualize 3D objects easily, which helps you to understand the concepts in a better way, but the offline institutes have the restrictions of board and duster, because of which they have to draw 3D object in 2D boards. In offline institutions, the students are divided into batches, and you are forced to study in the batch you are assigned and the teachers in those batches. But in online mode, you can take the demo lectures first and then choose to opt that teacher.

Affordability : The offline institutes are way more expensive than the online mode. The coaching institutes in Kota, Delhi etc take more than 1 Lakh per year which is way more than what online institutes charges. And the fees is increasing 5-20k every year. Moreover when you go for offline institutes which are in cities other than your home city, you will have to live in PG or Hostels and eat Mess food, which also cost a big amount. So, by this perspective, online coaching is way better than offline.

Convenience : If you take an offline coaching institute outside your place then you will have to stay there, far away from your home. The mess food is generally not good and can affect your health. Moreover you will have to travel from your Hostel to the coaching everyday, which wastes a lot of your time and energy.  Whereas in online mode, you can do your coaching sitting in your home. So there will be no time loss. There will be times when you get depressed and need some personal care, if you are in another city that is away from your hometown, your parents will not be able to help you out, but in your own city, you will be taken good care of by your parents. But too much convenience may be harmful as you will be competing with lakhs of student  in JEE Main and if you are not serious, you are destined to fail.

Resources : Though most of the popular offline coaching institutes give their study material, you will have to take down notes in the class to exactly match what they want to say, because you will not be able to read the same topic again by that teacher. But in online coaching, you have the flexibility of recording the videos and see them exactly when ever you want. But there are few offline institutes who have started to make their teaching videos, to give their students. In online mode, there are online notes and questions available for you to go through and practice.

One-to-One Interaction : For students who are good and who are not introvert, offline mode for JEE is the best as they can personally interact with the teacher and get their doubts cleared. Moreover the discussion with other good students clears most of the topics much better. Whereas in online mode there is a restriction in the level of interaction. But for introvert students it is the best as they can freely ask their doubts without thinking of what other students will think as only the teacher can hear you.

Environment : In offline mode, you get to physically interact with the brilliant minds and discuss with them every topic, which helps in clearing every doubt. You get to know each other’s methodology, learn and grow. But in online mode this is a huge restriction, as you do not get to interact with other students.

So, there are pros and cons of each mode. But it is clear that the offline coaching institutes for JEE that have been there for long, are at their best right now, but the online institutes will grow as time passes. For now, I would recommend that if you can afford the offline institutes, then go for it, because the online modes have not showed brilliant results yet. But if you cannot afford it, then online mode is good for you. In the next few years we will see the change in trend. So choose wisely, as this decision can change you life.

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Secrets of Student Life In Kota – What can You expect from the IIT Coaching Capital of India

Welcome to “The Coaching Capital of India”. With the dream of cracking JEE/PMT with good rank, students from all over India flock to Kota every year. Some achieve their goals and some do not.

Having done my JEE preparation in Kota for 2 years, I will describe each and every phase of my life in kota.

Arrival at Kota Station –  As the station came nearer, I started thinking about what could happen next. When the time came, I saw the glowing station, welcoming me to its city. It was 2 am and there were thousands of students coming out of trains. I never saw so many students in one place before.

Then I took an auto to the main city.

First Visit to Vibrant Academy – On my way to Vibrant Academy, I saw big buildings of coaching institutions like Allen, Bansal, Resonance, Career Point etc. Coming from a school with lack of infrastructure, the level of infra of these institutes surprised me and filled me with excitement.

Search for Hostel/PG and Mess – With every house in Vigyan nagar, Talwandi, Mahaveer nagar, Rajeev gandhi nagar etc saying “TO-LET”, I tried to choose the best PG I could. The rent ranged from Rs2000-Rs10000 per month. A typical PG looks like this

And the mess price ranges from Rs 2000 – Rs 5000 per month. This is what typical mess looks like-

In my initial days I loved the food, but after few weeks I started hating it and got to know the importance of home food.

Daily Life – Then starts my daily routine. I started my day at 5 am with light breakfast -Poha, Jalebi, Kachaudi, Samausa, Pakodi and Tea. There used to be stalls set at Talwandi Circle at 5 am. These are few pics of Stalls –

I used to complete my daily homeworks. Then I used to bath and go to Vibrant Academy by cycle. It used to be huge rush as the streets were mobbed by thousands of students. But yes it was an excitement too as it was a new day and I would get to learn new things and get to meet my batch mates.

We had classes of PCM from 9am -12:30pm with 15min break between every class. The most unique thing which I saw in Kota was that the teaching methodology here is totally different from traditional schools. Teachers are highly energetic and motivate you to study. But yes there were a few who did not encourage a student even if he/was is asking a genuine doubt. Nevertheless, I got to compete with the best minds and the most important thing, my working capacity increased by a huge amount. Few topics used to be interesting but most were hectic, but the teachers tried to teach in the best way they could. I got used to batches of 100-200 students, everyone trying to understand and excel. This is pic of a typical classroom in Kota

Then I used to come to my PG were the mess tiffin used to be kept at the door. Being tired and hungry, I used to finish all the food(though I never liked it). On most days, the food was Roti, Dal, Rice, Curd and some vegetable dish. The mess used to give 3 special meals a week where we used to get noodles, papad, tandoori roti, aloo paratha, dal, paneer, sweets, salad etc. So, I used to actually eat only 3 times a week. This pic is of one of my meal

Then I used to take a special type of sleep, which I came to know in Kota itself, called the “Power Nap” that though lasted for 15 mins only, but surprisingly it used to refresh me.

Then I used to start my self study. Firstly I went through my day-notes which my teachers had taught and then started with the homework(DPPs, Sheets, exercises at the back of the books etc). I used to get 50-100 ques every day of each subject.

I did it till 5pm. Then I used to take a little break. I talked to my friends in my PG about some interesting topics of some teachers or Toppers. Mostly it used to be around some incident that happened in the class or some joke which my teacher cracked today or how tough the ongoing topic is. There used to be times when I or my friend used to be depressed, so we would support each other. Then we used to go to tea stall and have some snacks and tea. It used to be mostly patties and tea. After that I again did my homework from 6pm to 9pm. Then I had my dinner. Dinner used to be same as the lunch. Then after at about 11pm, I used to go to sleep.

Sundays – Until now I was talking about the daily routine. But Sundays were special. I used to take little breaks on Sundays. I used to go to cyber cafe to see a movie. Cafes are cheap Rs 10/hr and they used to have most of the movies. They used to be filled with students, mostly watching movies or playing games.

We also went to some places like Chambal garden, Mall etc to refresh ourselves.

Test Day – One Sunday every month, we had tests. That used to be most threatening day of the whole month. The tests were one of the most efficient way to judge our level. The students who were able to cope up with the syllabus, scored high marks and those who did not, waited for the test to finish. The tests were of JEE pattern, mostly of higher level and of same format. It used to be OMR based test.

After the tests we were given the answer sheets which we matched there itself. There used to be many pamphlet distributors outside the coachings and you can see the street full of pamphlets. Mostly the pamphlets advertised some coaching.

Then to relax, I used to go to the cyber cafe. The next day the teachers discussed the paper and we got to know where we went wrong. Within a week the results used to come and the reports were sent to my parents. That day used to be either worst or the best day, but certainly not a normal day. Then taking the pledge of improving the next time, I again started my daily routine.

There are good and bad experiences of Kota. But one thing I can tell for sure, If you have survived in Kota, you can work at any condition at your best. This place makes you tough. With your parents not being around and the pressure of huge amount of money they gave for you, makes you more responsible and hard worker.

There are other cities as well for IIT/PMT coaching but Kota IIT/PMT Coaching has proved itself repeatedly. Kota Institutes are one of the best  IIT Jee coaching in India. See my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India .

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