Top 6 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Kota – How to choose the best for you?

Seven wonders park, Kota

Kota, or as popularly known, “The Coaching Capital of India”, in the past decade the city has emerged as a popular coaching destination for competitive exams preparation. Over 1.5 lakh students from all over the country flock every year towards the city for IIT Jee preparation. There are many coachings for Jee in Kota and each of them pictures themselves to be the best, but which coaching is actually the best ? Deciding which coaching to pursue is life changing, so I will put forward the ranking of the best coaching institutes in Kota for IIT Jee Main and Advanced according to their performance.

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Rank 1 : Allen Kota

Allen Career Institute Kota has shown fantastic results in past few years in Jee main and advanced. 2000+ students have cracked Jee advanced and 25000+ students have cracked Jee mains. The best part about Allen Coaching is that it gives individual attention and helps the students to excel in all the important entrances, so they do not only focus on Jee advanced but also on mains, BITSAT and also board exams. See what Allen Toppers have to say about Allen here. The faculties are highly experienced and are masters in their own fields. There are separate teachers for all topics. So, if your is to crack Jee, go for Allen. See genuine reviews of Allen Institute Kota here. There are separate classes for Hindi medium students. The lower batches are also given good teachers, which is not present in other coachings.
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Rank 2 : Vibrant Academy – 

Vibrant Academy Kota is known for its Jee Advanced coaching. It has the best results as far as Jee Advanced is concerned. 1400+ students have cracked Jee advanced out of 2800 students (i.e. 50% success). The faculties in the top 3-5 batches are one of the best in India. But the important point here is that it is highly focused on Jee Advanced and do not give much time on other entrances and board exams. But if you want get good rank in Jee advanced, go for Vibrant Kota.  See what Vibrant Academy Toppers have to say about Vibrant here. There are no separate classes for Hindi medium students. You can see genuine reviews of Vibrant Classes here.

Ransphire’s interview with M. S. Chouhan Sir, HOD of Organic Chemistry and Director, Vibrant Academy

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Rank 3 : Resonance Kota – 

Resonance Institute Kota has done considerably good in recent past in both Jee advanced and main. 3500+ students of Resonance cracked Jee Advanced(note : it is from all over India centers). The faculties in top 2-3 batches are experienced and are well capable to guide you to crack Jee, but the lower batches do not get great faculties. Strength of each batch(except the top batches) is 150+, which can make you feel uncomfortable. But it takes good care of toppers and you can see what Resonance Kota Toppers have to say here. There are separate teachers for English and Hindi medium students and both are given equal importance. Resonance IIT Jee is mostly considered good for average students who wish to achieve good results in Jee. You can see genuine reviews of Resonance Coaching Kota here.
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Rank 4 : Motion IIT JEE –

Motion Kota has brilliant faculties. 600+ students have cracked Jee advanced and 1800+ students have cracked Jee mains. They take good care of all the students and the students are allowed attend classes of any teacher they like. It also has individual classes i.e. you can take individual classes for every subject. It has got few good ranks in recent years, see what Motion Kota Toppers have to say. The average faculty standard is high and it is great for average students. You can see genuine reviews of Motion Kota here.

Ransphire’s interview with Nitin Vijay Sir, HOD of Physics and Director of Motion IIT JEE

Rank 5 : Career Point – 

Career Point Kota is one of the best Jee main coaching in Kota and even all over India and has produced good results in advanced in recent past. 900+ students cracked Jee Advanced. Its teaching methodology is mostly focused at doing good at Jee main. See what Career Point Toppers have to say.

Rank 6 : Bansal Classes –

Bansal Classes Kota which was once the best coaching for iit is no more even near good. In last few years all the good faculties have left the institute and Bansal Kota is in very bad condition now. Though it has so much negativity around but it has got managed to get AIR 1 Five times(mostly in last decade). See what Bansal Classes Topper Satvat(AIR 1 in 2015) has to say about it. Every year the best teachers leave the institute and the students come under serious problems. You can see genuine reviews of Bansal Coaching here.
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Though the List of coaching institutes in Kota is endless but there are few other coachings like Rao IIT Academy etc and few individual subject classes like for Physics there are Quantum Physics, D.J. IIT PHYSICS CENTRE, SHARDA EDUCATION POINT etc, for Maths there are VKR Mathematics ClassesReal Mathematic Classes etc and for Chemistry there are Nucleon Chemistry, Suman Classes Kota, Pravin Classes etc. Some of them like D.J, VKR Sir etc are good and are well known in Kota. But if you wish to crack Jee Advanced or Main, go for Allen Kota,  Vibrant AcademyResonance KotaMotion IIT Jee or Career Point . If you feel that you are not able to cope up with some subject and really need help in a specific subject then only go for Individual Subject Coaching, because the most important thing in Jee preparation is self study, and if you spend all your time in coaching then you will only be fooling yourself. Though you can crack Jee by only doing self study and not joining any coaching, but having coaching will certainly give you an edge as the coaching faculties know how to prepare and they can guide you. You should always note, to crack Jee and to sustain and excel in Kota you will have to do both Hard work work and Smart work, if any of them is missing, you will certainly not be able to show your best.

There are other cities as well for IIT coaching but Kota IIT Coaching has proved repeatedly. Kota Institutes are one of the best  IIT Jee coaching in India. See my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India .

So, Best Of Luck ! Choose your coaching wisely because its life changing.

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19 Comments on “Top 6 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Kota – How to choose the best for you?”

  1. Helpful article. Although Bansal classes have become overcrowded these days and pay very little individual attention to students. I had moved from bansal to CatalyseR in 12th grade and it made a huge difference. The faculty was much more responsive and were very good at clearing doubts. I used to stay back after the lectures to study in the coaching class itself because i really liked the atmosphere and it helped me study alot.
    I think CatalyseR should also deserve a mention in the list.

    1. Thank You Pooja for your valuable feedback. We will update the ranking as we go along according to the then scenario. If you liked this article, Please share it with your friends, juniors and facebook. We at Ransphire aim to help students to choose Coaching which will suite them the most to crack Jee.

      1. hello Ankit kumar,

        I want to visit institutes in Kota (Rajasthan) just to take information about various institutes , want to know about their management , educational facilities and many more.
        So i want a favor that can you suggest me some best and better institute.

    2. seems that u r making false elegation on an ethical institution like bansal classes as it is having only 2000 students this year because this year also it had denied admission to more than 3000 students who did’nt clear the entrance exam. now in last 15 years compare resuts of bansal 5 times AIR 1 ,6 times AIR 2, 6 times AIR 3, 34 students in top 10 all india rank. 300 + students in top 100 all india rank i have more to say but its not just some players in a team who can win a match but its a captain who can win a match with any team and its vk bansal

  2. Hello everyone,
    I want to tell you something which All the topper don’t share as a secret.
    Myself Rounak Vijayvargiya, I secured AIR 109 in IIT JEE Advanced 2017.

    Its a secret but I cannot live with it and I want to share how 75,000 students are being fooled by mog and mug rudded coaching Allen.

    I got sold to Allen Career Institute for 7 Lac rupees.

    Yes, I feel ashamed but thats the truth.

    I am from a poor family, my father income is a meagre 12,000 rs per month.
    But still he managed to get me in an English medium school.
    One of his friend who is a teacher at Career Point kota taught me Mathematics and Physics.
    I did Chemistry by myself.

    With sincere effort of my teacher(who taught in CP in day time and taught me at night)
    I….no we made it to IIT

    On 11th June result declared and I danced in the whole house of mine…going in the streets like a maniac and Gifting sweets to everyone in my colony then a call came @ 4:40 from Brajesh Maheshwari he said he wants to meet me and my father at 6:00
    I’m crying while writing this but this is the truth,

    He paid me Rs 7 Lac 20 thousand Approx to enroll a fake name in Allen so that they can fool people like all of you…

    Poor people like me get attracted by the toppers but the truth is far away from reality.

    Please believe me Allen is a bad institute its gimics and malpractices spoil and ruin future of 1000’s of students in Kota.

    Instead I would suggest everyone to join Career Point , for their simplicity nature and Pure coaching.

    Thanks All the best.

    1. Dear ronak , i checked jee advanced 2017 result allen’s website but I couldn’t find your name on it as AIR 109.Is there any reason behind it.I am not blaming you.If such thing is happened then I salute your courage

  3. I suggest Rao IIT Academy as perfect coaching institute for Engg as well as Medical entrance examinations . All faculties are most of from IIT’ ians and doctors .

  4. I want to take admission in kota .pls help me for joing the class which classes are suitable for us.and how much expenditure will come including two yrs course

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