How I got 90%+ in 15 days in CBSE 12th Board

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I took Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English in 12th CBSE Board, and secured 94, 94, 95, 94 resp by preparing for 15 days only. It was all due to my commitment and specific guidance from my seniors, that I was able to perform exceptionally well.

I did coaching for 2 years for Jee in my Class 11 and 12th and did not prepare for CBSE board exams much. It was February and only 15 days were left for board exams. Rather than becoming nervous I asked some of the senior toppers and they guided me very specifically of what to do and how to do it.

I got the syllabus of all the subjects and marked the chapters required to study in NCERT. Then I asked my teachers and seniors about how much marks question comes from each chapter(to focus on the chapters which fetches me more marks and do only important points which fetches me less marks). As I had to do good in all the subjects, I took 3-4 chapters at a time of each subject and completed that. I was good at Physics, so I started with that. Every day I did two chapters from any one of the PCM and two chapters of English. I started with one chapter of Physics, after completing it, I did one chapter of English(because English is easy and story type, so you will not be bored), then I again did one chapter of Physics and then again one English chapter. Like this it continued till all the subjects completed. Every 3 days, I did a quick revision of the chapters studied, so that I do not forget any of those. Now, I will state, what and how I studied chapters of each subject :

Physics – I read the chapters quickly and simultaneously understood them. As I did coaching, it was easy to cover it fast. For every chapter I went through all its Question and Ans(Q/A) and answered them in my mind. But I practiced some of them on pen and paper, specially the descriptive type of questions like derivations, procedures and diagrams (I noted them down in separate sheet and kept them and before the exam I revised only those sheets). As the descriptive questions carried maximum marks, I was able to solve them nicely. I also went through past 5 years questions, and solved those which was not covered in the Q/A part.

Chemistry – For Chemistry, my senior advised to do the Q/A at the end of each chapter nicely, and as I am weak in learning things, so, I did only the Q/A. 90-95% of questions come from the Q/A part. I read through the chapter once and jumped to the Q/A part. I understood and learned all the answers, then to increase the marks I went through the past 5 years questions and learned what ever was not present in the Q/A(only few things were left). If I would have tried to learn the whole chapter, it would have taken a long time and I did not have it.

Maths – Though I was not that good at maths as I was in other two subjects while I was preparing for Jee, but when I saw CBSE maths, it was far more easier. I did not read any of the theory part. I saw the solved examples and practiced how problems have to be solved step by step (generally students due to coaching, forget how to write step by step, but for board exams it is must). I did most of the problems at the end of the chapters verbally and solved the advanced problems on pen and paper.  Mostly the advanced problems fetch more marks, so I concentrated on it a lot and also the practice examples. I just glanced through the past years question papers but did not solve it.

English –  English is very easy but in the exam, you will have to write big answers a lot of questions, which makes it tough. The literature part is easy. I read English stories whenever I got board with the PCM chapters, mostly 2 chapters a day. I underlined the important points and read only those on the day before the exam. The most important is the language part. I did not prepare for passage, as it will always be a new one. For the report, article etc, I had to choose one. Before hand only, I asked my English teacher, which one to do among those and she advised me to write report, and she wrote the template for the report. So I learnt the template and wrote it as it is during the exam, which saved a lot of time. I saw the past years question papers and saw the pattern. There were few questions in the language part, in which I had few options and I had to write one. So, before hand only, I choose which one I would do and only practiced the templates of those things. In English exam, I did not think so much because there was no time for that, I just wrote what ever was relevant to the question and I wrote same number of lines for same marks question. I also underlined some of the important lines in each question, when I finished my paper. I think the key to my success in English was devoting fixed time to each question and writing equal lines for same marks question.

In the day before every exam, I saw the question pattern and fixed time for each of the questions and strictly followed it during the exam. Do not ever forget to take wrist watch with you, its one of the most important thing. I remember the night before my chemistry exam, one of my friend called me and asked few questions, and all of them from the Q/A part, but I did not remember any of those. It was 9pm and I did not have much time left. But I did not panic, and quickly revised all the chapters and was able to remember all the questions. So, its important to revise on the last day, no matter how much you know and have worked in past and the most important thing is to not panic, as it will not help you.

I will like to suggest that, do not try to do many books, because it will take a lot of time and may harm you. One of my friends read 2-3 books for each subject and lastly at the night before exam, he forgot most of the important things and remembered the less important things and lastly he performed badly. Though he was very intelligent, he got only 80%.

It was the clear guidance given by my topper seniors which helped me to secure good marks, but generally students do not have such seniors in their personal contact. So, we created a website Ransphire where you can directly talk to toppers, to help students get personal guidance from toppers. Many students who have scored good marks are present in this platform and you can directly talk to them by using its Talk To Topper feature. Students after board, go for Jee/PMT coaching, but are confused which coaching they should go. In ransphire , we have genuine reviews of popular coachings of IIT Jee, PMT and other engineering and medical entrance exams.

I hope that this article was helpful to you. Please share your views in the comments below. I am also present in Talk to Topper, and you can directly contact me there. See our blog on Talk To Topper here.

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  1. This article is very nice..
    I have one doubt as I am from PCM group..i work hard but score lesser marks in physics and chemistry below from my what to do..
    And my second doubt is That as there is less time..i will do all the questions of physics and other subjects side books or what..some student’s told me that they have completed almost questions of side this case what to do sir..please tell..

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  3. I am recommending it because unlike other books and websites it is not unnecessarily lengthy that will take months to complete, but its short and to the point and effective you can completely revise all chapters in very short time.

    For other subjects, I haven’t found a site like this, I’ll update my answer when i find it. Til then follow other answers.

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  5. And my second doubt is That as there is less time..i will do all the questions of physics and other subjects side books or what..some student’s told me that they have completed almost questions of side this case what to do sir..please tell..

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