Kota Coaching – EVERYTHING You Need to Know – Coaching, Hostel and School

With our mission to help students choose the right coaching institute, we recently visited Kota, The Coaching Capital of India to know the real, behind-the-scenes ground reality.

From 1984, Kota Coaching has been the pioneer in guiding students to their dream College. But in recent years Hyderabad and Delhi have come into limelight and Kota is fighting to continue its head. So, what is the present scenario of Kota?

10 years ago, there was only Bansal Classes which was renowned in Kota, but now there are many famous coaching institutes in Kota which have come into existence. And even many new ones are popping out every now and then. Coaching in Kota has slowly changed from “Just Studies” to a “Million Dollar Business”. From Coaching Institutions to Teachers, from Hostel owners to simple Snacks Shops, everybody has started to talk the words of money. There are three main aspects of Kota Coaching – Coaching, Hostel and School. I will describe each of these one by one.


With only one dominant institute Bansal Classes before, now there are many good institutes who have risen like Vibrant Academy Kota, Motion IIT JEE Kota, Allen Kota, Resonance Kota etc. All of these are situated in and around Indraprastha Industrial Area. With the best faculty in place, Vibrant, Motion and Bansal have less than 20k students whereas Allen and Resonance have greater than 30k students. By looking at the stats, a simple question comes to our mind that

“Why is there such a huge difference in the number of students in these Institutes?

One very common misconception people have about these numbers is that the results of the institutes which have more than 30K students, are better. But surprisingly, it’s not the case. Although Allen proclaims to secure AIR 1 in 2016, people skip the fact that it was from Allen’s Jaipur Center and not the Kota Center. The results of these various institutes are comparable and change every year. Moreover, there are some very interesting facts which students and parents generally miss, like Vibrant Academy has produced the All India Girls Topper multiple times in the past few years. And many of the students who are “average” or do not perform good in their respective coaching, join Motion IIT JEE after a few months. What are the reasons behind these?

In an Exclusive Interview with MS Chauhan Sir – HOD of Organic Chemistry and one of the seven Directors of Vibrant Academy, we tried to dig into these facts about Vibrant Academy, Kota:

An Exclusive Interview with Nitin Vijay Sir – HOD of Physics and Director of Motion IIT JEE :


You will find enough information about Coaching Institutes in Kota on the net. But to be able to study sincerely, you also need to get a good and healthy environment in and around your stay. So, picking the right hostel and in the right area is important for you. There are hostels which get cleaned just before the session starts and after they take the advance payment, they start showing their true colors. Beware of them. Good hostels generally include mess with them, so that students don’t have to go to different mess to have their meal. As the Kota coaching years are crucial for you, you need to choose your hostel wisely and carefully.

After visiting many hostels in Kota, these, we would say, are the characteristics of “good hostels“:-

  • They have time limit to enter the hostel at night. And they check the rooms if the student is present there or not every night.
  • They make sure that none of the residents or other students create any kind of disturbance.
  • They take immediate action against any kinds of complaint by the students.
  • They inform the parents on any kind of mischief done by the student.
  • The hostels which provide mess, ensure that the food is hygienic and good for everybody, because there are students coming from multiple parts of India with different cuisines. There have been cases where hostels provide good food when parents visit the hostels during the time of admissions, but after a few months they start providing bad food.
  •  Water supply must be 24 hrs. There are a few hostels who give part time water supply. Just check and ask the hostel owners about this and if possible, also ask past residents about this. Moreover, the quality of drinking water must be very good. Many hostels provide highly concentrated chlorinated water, please don’t opt those.
  • Electricity supply must be 24X7, and there must be some back up in case the power goes off. There are few areas like Talwandi, Vigyan Nagar etc. which have frequent power cuts during the summer time.

Now coming to where you can find good hostels. There are a few areas around the coaching institutes which have good hostels:

LocationAvg. Distance from CoachingRange of Rent/MonthQuality of Rooms & FacilitiesPotential Problems
Rajeev Gandhi Nagar< 2km5k - 20kVery GoodVery High Rent
Talwandi< 4km2k - 15kBad, GoodSometimes there is electricity problem.
Power goes off.
During Rainy Season, drains may get blocked and filthy water comes on streets.
Vigyan Nagar< 3km2k - 15kBad, GoodSome of the areas are dirty and unhygienic.
Sometimes there is electricity problem.
The power goes off.
Anantpura< 5km2k - 15kBad, GoodSome of the areas are dirty and unhygienic.

If you opt for PGs, you will need to take up a separate mess for your meals. There are both Veg and Non-Veg mess present. The monthly cost ranges from Rs. 1500 – Rs. 5000. They generally give special meals 3 times a week and Sunday nights are off. There is home delivery of food, free of cost.

Nowadays there are hostels tied up with coaching institutes which provide all  good facilities but the rents are sky high, as you can guess.


Most of the students who come to Kota after 10th, have the headache of schooling also, to clear 12th CBSE Board. Although you must have taken schooling till 10th very seriously, but in Kota, 11-12th schooling is just for its namesake. You will get much better faculties and facilities in the coaching institutes than in any of the schools. So, the point is that you need to take that school which is good, but one which does not make you worry for useless things and lets you focus on your coaching studies. The best part of most of the schools in Kota is that they let all the things on the student, and they always keep the students informed about any of the important information or dates related to CBSE Board. They are very co-operative.

But is this comfort level given to the students because the schools are “good”? – No, they just want you to take admission and they ask for huge amounts of money for actually doing nothing.

The yearly fees they charge is Rs. 30000 – 50000. So, if you are taking admission for 2 years then it will total up to Rs 60L to Rs. 1 Lakh. Few of the schools include DAV Public School, Global Public School, Modi Public School etc. which are within 3kms from the coaching institutes.

Before taking admission in any of the schools, one must confirm that they will not disturb the student and let him/her focus on his/her coaching studies. Few of the schools try to show that they are serious by giving some extra load on the student, which in turn creates problems for him/her.

This is all about Kota Coaching. It’s completely different from Hyderabad as they have a totally different format. In Hyderabad, every coaching is actually a Junior college i.e., you will complete your schooling in the coaching itself. They have their own Hostels and they have very strict rules for them. The study hours may range from 8am-12pm and then 2pm-9pm. Yes, you need to stay all the day in the coaching itself and they will grill you like anything. So, either they will make you or break you. In Kota this is not so, here you are free to make your own career. Teachers will guide you but not force you.

So now, it’s your decision to choose your coaching wisely. We wish you all the best from Ransphire.

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How to get 90%+ in CBSE 12th Board in a Year-Board Exam Preparation Strategy

During my 12th, I didn’t prepare for CBSE Boards for the whole year. I did it in just 15 days and got 94, 94, 95, 94 board marks in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English respectively.

But does it mean, you can just wait for the whole year and start preparing for your board exams just before 15 days ? – No

You can only prepare for CBSE Boards in 15 days only if you have good knowledge of the chapters beforehand. Although I think one year is more than enough to prepare for CBSE Board Exams, but if you do it, you have a better chance to score higher marks.

So, Let me ask you a Question : Are you doing coaching for JEE/PMT?

  • If Yes – Then, focus on your coaching studies. And if you are performing good in your coaching, you will easily be able get 90% by studying in last 15 days. Go through my blog How I got 90%+ in 15 days in CBSE 12th Board, where I have described how you can get good marks by preparing in last few days.
  • If No – Then, You have good amount of time to prepare for Boards if you start now. I will be describing in this blog how you should prepare.

Let us go subject wise.

English –

Firstly, get the NCERT text book of English i.e. Flamingo, Vistas and one of the Extended reading texts. And you should get Golden Guide for English as well. Take one chapter at a time, read it nicely, take the help of the Hindi translated text, if you want, for each para and if then also you do not understand, read the summary for that chapter from Golden guide once and then start over that chapter again. You should always make sure that you understand the chapter nicely as there are few chapters which has a deeper meaning than it looks from top and questions related to it comes in exams. After every chapter, go through the questions and answers present in Golden Guide as it will give you an idea of how to write the answers and what teachers are expecting from you. For the Language part. It contains –

  • Short Answer Questions :- Advertisement or notice, drafting poster, writing formal or informal invitation or replies.
  • Long Answer Questions:- Letters based on verbal or visual input. Letters may include Business or Official Letters, Letter to editor, Application for Job etc.
  • Long Answer Questions :- Article, debate, speech or report.


Now, as you have ample time, you should go through each one of them and look through their examples. You will get to see that each type eg: report, has a specific type of template to write and there are only small changes you need to make for different reports. So, you should jot down those templates and then choose which one to write in the exams. Let’s say you have chosen report, then practice some questions on report. But note this, after the initial rigorous practice, you should keep a time separate every weekend when you should practice at least one report. You will also get passages in exams. They will be long and you should practice reading fast and simultaneously understanding passages. You may be asked to write summary for the passage, so do practice it every weekend as it has a specific format and if you do not follow it, you will not get any marks.

Physics –

SectionNo. of QuestionsMarks/Question

For Physics, it is important to learn and understand by writing. Firstly, you should go through the chapters thoroughly and then the Question and answers at the end of the chapter. Do write each and every answer in a copy in a very described and step wise manner, so that, in the last few months, you can just look through that copy for answers. For each chapter, do practice the diagrams nicely, never forget the labels and the heading of the diagram. And you should always write a brief description of what is being shown in the diagram. You should note down every derivation or proof and procedures, and practice it over and over, as they will fetch you maximum marks. After every chapter, go through past few years question papers and see if there is some other questions available which were not present in the Q/A part, if so, then mark those questions and practice them as they are frequently asked. But note there will always be few questions of 1-2 marks which you will not find easily in question-answers part. For this you have to go through each and every line of the chapter nicely, do not take any part lightly. Moreover, the way you present your answers matters a lot. I and one of my friend wrote almost the same answer to a question, but as that question required steps, he wrote in paragraph format, but I wrote it in steps and I got better marks. So, the more you can present your answer better, the more you have a chance to get better marks. Whenever there is a proof or procedure, do write the reason of every step you do. Physics is easy, you just need to focus on the important things and there may be many people who will recommend you Exam Idea book for it, but believe me, if you devote same amount of time you put in completing Exam Idea in NCERT and past years question papers, you will get much better marks.

Chemistry –

SectionQuestion No.Marks/Question
A1 - 51
B6 - 102
C11 - 223
E24 - 265

For Chemistry, NCERT is like “Bible”. 90-95% of the questions in the Board exams will come from the Q/A part of NCERT book. You need to read each line carefully and every sub part of the chapter is very important. Do not skip anything. In Organic Chemistry, go through the structures, reactions carefully and the reasoning behind each step in the reactions. You should practice the structures and reactions by drawing it repeatedly. You should revise the portions of Organic which you have already done every week as it is tough to remember all the reactions. You can solve Physical Chemistry problem by understanding and practicing the concepts, but this doesn’t hold same for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, you have to make sure that you have learnt all the things before the exams, don’t think that you can understand and solve it at that time. There are students who do answer Inorganic and Organic by understanding concepts, but its true only for few students.

Maths –

In Maths, you have 4 sections – A, B, C, D.

SectionQuestion No.Marks/Question
A1 - 41
B5 - 122
C13 - 234
D24 - 296

Section A – Contains questions which are very easy and you can directly solve it by looking.

Section B – Contains questions which are easy and based on standard formulas, but you need to write it and solve, its tough to solve it in mind. But if you keep your mind calm and have practiced well, you will easily solve it. Mostly the problems will be of “Solve” or “Evaluate” type.

Section C –  Contains questions which are of medium level. Mostly of “Proof” or good “Evaluation” problem. This will actually test your Math skills. You need to first understand the problem nicely, and make the framework of the solution in mind before you actually solve it.

Section D – Contains questions which have 2 or more sub parts. And the 2nd part is related to 1st part. So, if you can solve the 1st part, it gives you a hint to solve the 2nd part.

For every mark you should at least write 1/4th of the page. It is correct that in Maths the length of Answer doesn’t matter, but believe me, it does have a psychological effect and teachers tend to give more marks. So, for 1, 2, 4, 6 mark questions, You need to write 1/4th, 1/2th, 1 and 1.5 pages respectively.

Now, how to prepare Maths. As you know Maths is all about practice. You need to go through the chapters in the same order as given in the book, as most of the chapters are interconnected and you need to have the knowledge of the previous chapters to solve the next one. The most important thing is that you should take some time every 10 days to solve few randomly picked problems of the already completed chapters, so that you remember every concept nicely. Do practice the example questions nicely as it will cover most of the different type of questions. Focus on writing answers stepwise and do write reasons stating the reason why or how you come to some step from previous step.

Make sure that you complete your syllabus at least 3 months before Board Exams, so that you can practice lots of previous years and sample question papers and revise.

So, these are the basic strategies, you should follow in order to excel in CBSE Board 12th.

I hope that this article was helpful to you. Please share your views in the comments below.

As you are preparing for 12th Board, its important that you keep preparing for JEE/PMT also. You can see my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India. If you want to be updated about any future blog, please like our Facebook page and if this blog was helpful to you, please share it with your friends. Check Ransphire for coaching reviews.

How I got 90%+ in 15 days in CBSE 12th Board

CBSE exam

I took Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English in 12th CBSE Board, and secured 94, 94, 95, 94 resp by preparing for 15 days only. It was all due to my commitment and specific guidance from my seniors, that I was able to perform exceptionally well.

I did coaching for 2 years for Jee in my Class 11 and 12th and did not prepare for CBSE board exams much. It was February and only 15 days were left for board exams. Rather than becoming nervous I asked some of the senior toppers and they guided me very specifically of what to do and how to do it.

I got the syllabus of all the subjects and marked the chapters required to study in NCERT. Then I asked my teachers and seniors about how much marks question comes from each chapter(to focus on the chapters which fetches me more marks and do only important points which fetches me less marks). As I had to do good in all the subjects, I took 3-4 chapters at a time of each subject and completed that. I was good at Physics, so I started with that. Every day I did two chapters from any one of the PCM and two chapters of English. I started with one chapter of Physics, after completing it, I did one chapter of English(because English is easy and story type, so you will not be bored), then I again did one chapter of Physics and then again one English chapter. Like this it continued till all the subjects completed. Every 3 days, I did a quick revision of the chapters studied, so that I do not forget any of those. Now, I will state, what and how I studied chapters of each subject :

Physics – I read the chapters quickly and simultaneously understood them. As I did coaching, it was easy to cover it fast. For every chapter I went through all its Question and Ans(Q/A) and answered them in my mind. But I practiced some of them on pen and paper, specially the descriptive type of questions like derivations, procedures and diagrams (I noted them down in separate sheet and kept them and before the exam I revised only those sheets). As the descriptive questions carried maximum marks, I was able to solve them nicely. I also went through past 5 years questions, and solved those which was not covered in the Q/A part.

Chemistry – For Chemistry, my senior advised to do the Q/A at the end of each chapter nicely, and as I am weak in learning things, so, I did only the Q/A. 90-95% of questions come from the Q/A part. I read through the chapter once and jumped to the Q/A part. I understood and learned all the answers, then to increase the marks I went through the past 5 years questions and learned what ever was not present in the Q/A(only few things were left). If I would have tried to learn the whole chapter, it would have taken a long time and I did not have it.

Maths – Though I was not that good at maths as I was in other two subjects while I was preparing for Jee, but when I saw CBSE maths, it was far more easier. I did not read any of the theory part. I saw the solved examples and practiced how problems have to be solved step by step (generally students due to coaching, forget how to write step by step, but for board exams it is must). I did most of the problems at the end of the chapters verbally and solved the advanced problems on pen and paper.  Mostly the advanced problems fetch more marks, so I concentrated on it a lot and also the practice examples. I just glanced through the past years question papers but did not solve it.

English –  English is very easy but in the exam, you will have to write big answers a lot of questions, which makes it tough. The literature part is easy. I read English stories whenever I got board with the PCM chapters, mostly 2 chapters a day. I underlined the important points and read only those on the day before the exam. The most important is the language part. I did not prepare for passage, as it will always be a new one. For the report, article etc, I had to choose one. Before hand only, I asked my English teacher, which one to do among those and she advised me to write report, and she wrote the template for the report. So I learnt the template and wrote it as it is during the exam, which saved a lot of time. I saw the past years question papers and saw the pattern. There were few questions in the language part, in which I had few options and I had to write one. So, before hand only, I choose which one I would do and only practiced the templates of those things. In English exam, I did not think so much because there was no time for that, I just wrote what ever was relevant to the question and I wrote same number of lines for same marks question. I also underlined some of the important lines in each question, when I finished my paper. I think the key to my success in English was devoting fixed time to each question and writing equal lines for same marks question.

In the day before every exam, I saw the question pattern and fixed time for each of the questions and strictly followed it during the exam. Do not ever forget to take wrist watch with you, its one of the most important thing. I remember the night before my chemistry exam, one of my friend called me and asked few questions, and all of them from the Q/A part, but I did not remember any of those. It was 9pm and I did not have much time left. But I did not panic, and quickly revised all the chapters and was able to remember all the questions. So, its important to revise on the last day, no matter how much you know and have worked in past and the most important thing is to not panic, as it will not help you.

I will like to suggest that, do not try to do many books, because it will take a lot of time and may harm you. One of my friends read 2-3 books for each subject and lastly at the night before exam, he forgot most of the important things and remembered the less important things and lastly he performed badly. Though he was very intelligent, he got only 80%.

It was the clear guidance given by my topper seniors which helped me to secure good marks, but generally students do not have such seniors in their personal contact. So, we created a website Ransphire where you can directly talk to toppers, to help students get personal guidance from toppers. Many students who have scored good marks are present in this platform and you can directly talk to them by using its Talk To Topper feature. Students after board, go for Jee/PMT coaching, but are confused which coaching they should go. In ransphire , we have genuine reviews of popular coachings of IIT Jee, PMT and other engineering and medical entrance exams.

I hope that this article was helpful to you. Please share your views in the comments below. I am also present in Talk to Topper, and you can directly contact me there. See our blog on Talk To Topper here.

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Talk To CBSE Board Toppers – Tips to Help You Ace in Board Exam

board exam tips, preparation tips, talk to toppers
board exam tips, preparation tips, talk to toppers
board exam tips, preparation tips, talk to toppers

CBSE Board Exams are the most important exams of a student’s life. Few of the students perform good but many do not though they work hard. What distinguishes the toppers from others is the way to study in the last few months before the CBSE Exams. Each have their own problem which prevents them from succeeding and the biggest problem that students face is not having personal guidance from Toppers of Board Exams. The toppers know how to utilize the last few months. They work intelligently and get good marks. There are many instances that by studying only 30 days nicely, students are able to get above 95%.

There is no online platform which help us to directly contact and have personal guidance from Toppers. So, we are introducing Talk To Topper, where you can directly have a chat or video call with CBSE Toppers and get personal guidance and tips. You can also talk to students who cracked IIT JEE and IITians for guidance for how to prepare for IIT and which coaching should you choose for IIT preparation. The best thing in this is you will be given options to talk to multiple toppers and as per your wish you can talk to any of them.

Most of the counselling platforms or personnel working nowadays are fraud and only aim to make money. So, we have taken all measures to keep authenticity of our platform, and you can see the result card of the toppers you take guidance from.

Our aim is solve this problem, which we faced once and help students to do best in their board and entrance exams.

Board exam preparation tips – how to prepare for class 12 boards – Talk by Shaan Jain, 97%

There are IITians in our platform also with whom you can personal talk and get guidance on which Coaching should they choose for Jee main and advanced preparation, how to prepare for Jee and which test series should you choose and how to study for Jee main and advanced in last 30 days etc.

Students generally face with specific problems or they have a specific type of doubts like if someone wishes to join coaching for Jee then he may have a doubt that which coaching will give him personal care etc. So, to solve such type of specific doubts, we have introduced Talk To Topper. If you have seen Taare Zameen Par, then you will know how small personal guidance from a good mentor can help you excel in any field you want. No one is less intelligent, it’s just the manner and passion with which you study which makes the difference. Hard work is important, but only hard work does not take you to success, smart work and studying things which are important and removing those which are not is important, is what makes one successful in very less time. Often students repeatedly perform badly in exams, and they think that they are that intelligent but most of the times it’s because of some small mistakes they do while studying. Either they do not study the right thing, or not from good books or do not take tests or have some personal problem with some topic or cannot learn things etc. There are many ways to deal with these problem in a very less time and then you will be able to excel same as the toppers. ‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently’. 

See how Ankit Kumar, one of our toppers-on-board, secured more than 90% in CBSE class 12 by studying for less than 15 days.

Ransphire is a platform where we help students to choose the best for them – best way to study, best coaching, best college etc. We have genuine reviews on IIT main and advanced Coaching in Kota, DelhiBengaluru, Hyderabad and many other cities. You can see our blog on Best Coaching For IIT Jee Main and Advanced in India.

Our experts shall be answering your questions from the comments section below! You can post your queries and discuss.

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