Top 3 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes In Hyderabad for you

Top 3 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has created a sensation in IIT Coaching. It has become one of the prime destination for Jee Coaching in South India and now students from North India are also coming to Hyderabad for Jee preparation. Hyderabad is known for its intense coaching culture where only the students who are fully committed survive and grow. Every year lakhs of students come for jee main and advanced coaching and many of them lastly achieve their dream. Though every thing seems fine, but there is an other side of it too. The pressure in which students are asked to learn is intense and many cannot cope up with such burden. Its all about cracking Jee and only the students who are highly committed and passionate are able to survive. Students from north generally face little problem to adjust to the environment and teaching methodology. You will mostly be taught in English or regional language(not Hindi), but yes English is an option. So, learn English before coming here. Over the years, the number of coaching in Hyderabad has increased and now the problem, students face is which coaching to take? So, lets see the ranking of different coaching in Hyderabad :

Rank 1 : IIT Ramaiah –

IIt Ramaiah has known for its success in Jee Advanced and Main. It takes in 160-180 students and approximately 80%+ students crack IIT. This is one of the highest success rate by any Jee coaching organisation. But, the selection test to get into IIT Ramaian is tough and the competition is huge, because every student want to get into such coaching which gives such a hug percentage of success rate. The faculties here are hugely experienced and are ready to help at any time as per the need.

Rank 2 : Sri Chaitanya and Narayana(CHAINA) Hyderabad – 

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy and Narayana Coaching are two premier coaching institutes in AP and Telangana for Medical and Engineering entrance exams. Initially they were rivals but now they collaborated. They established new coaching centers called CHAINA which is referred as Sri Chaithanya Narayana IIT academy. They got Top 3 IIT Ranks in Jee Main 2016. Madhapur campus would be better if you are willing to stay in the hostel. Classes begin at 6am in the morning and continue till 1pm, then you have study hours from 2pm and continue till 8pm. It has a very high study pressure which sometime leads to frustration, but if you wish to take coaching here, you will have to adjust to it. They have a traditional teaching system: practice, grind and get it out of the student. This is gonna cost you about 1-1.15 lakh. The percentage of students cracking IIT is not that great as Ramaiah. If you are ready to handle tones of pressure and willing to work really hard, then only opt for CHAINA. You can see genuine reviews of CHAINA here.

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Rank 3 : Fiitjee Hyderabad – 

The fees at Fiitjee is high but it provides good coaching. They work hard on their top batches but the quality of studies degrades in lower batches. They provide their best faculty and resources to the top batches but in the lower batches, allocation of faculty standard goes down. But this scenario is same for most of the Coaching in India, so no offense. See what Fiitjee Hyderabad toppers have to say here. If you have that much money to spend on Fiitjee then you can certainly go for it, but Ramaiah, Chaitanya and Narayana are better. See genuine reviews of Fiitjee Hyderabad here. 

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There are few other centers for Narayana and Chaitanya and many other coaching like Krishna Murthy IIT Academy, Sri Mega Study Circle, Vision40 etc but as per my research, they do not stand anywhere near the coaching stated above. There are few individual coaching for Jee also. If you feel that you are not able to cope up with some subject and really need help in a specific subject then only go for Individual Subject Coaching, because the most important thing in Jee preparation is self study, and if you spend all your time in coaching then you will only be fooling yourself. If you are North Indian, then it will be a little hard time to adjust but hard work and passion surpasses all problems. Though you can crack Jee by only doing self study and not joining any coaching, but having coaching will certainly give you an edge as the coaching faculties know how to prepare and they can guide you.

If you are ok with going anywhere in India for IIT preparation then see my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India.

Its important that you do not go by the number of selections which the coaching centers show because most of the coaching centers publish the number from all their centers from all its centers from India, but what is important is the number of selected students from the center you want to study in. So beware of such fake news. And few coaching also add their students who took only Distance learning program in their results, and students think that they actually so many ranks. So try to do good research on all the coaching before you join one, because this decision can change your life.

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  1. kindly guide me that for our children at what level (from 7th class level or after 10th class) we have to get the coaching from above institutes for iit n jee preparation.

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