Top 5 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Kolkata for you

Best IIT Coaching Institutes in Kolkata

Students from various institutes of Kolkata have performed very good in past years in Jee main and advanced. Every year thousands of students from all over eastern India come to Kolkata for Jee preparation, with the dream to crack Jee. Though coaching centers in Kolkata do not have high reputations like coaching in Kota, Hyderabad or Delhi, but there are a few who prove their metal repeatedly. If someone can go far from their home town for Jee preparation, then I would certainly recommend him to go to Kota or Hyderabad, but if he wishes to prepare at home, then Kolkata has few of the best coaching for them. Every coaching claims to be the best, but I have put forward the Ranking of Best Coaching for IIT in Kolkata with detailed points :

Rank 1 : Fiitjee Kolkata – 

Fiitjee has been constantly producing the best results in Kolkata for many years. See what the toppers have to say.  Fiitjee North Kolkata center produces the toppers. Fiitjee is rank 1 only if you are very good student. The faculties are good and can guide you for getting best ranks in Jee. It is more of business for them rather than its productivity as it only focuses on the 4-5 very good students and leave the rest on their own. Their main aim is to get very good ranks from a few rather than good ranks for all. The Chemistry department faculty is good, but Maths and Physics department faculty are mediocre. The cream students will get individual care, attention etc, but the others will just have to do it by self study. But yes, Fiitjee all India test series AITS is of very high standards. So, if you are one of the good students then Fiitjee has the best faculty for you, but if you are not that good, go for some other. See genuine reviews of Fiitjee Kolkata here.

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Rank 2 : IITopper Kolkata –

IITopper has one of the best Physics teacher in Kolkata – Anirban Sir. He would teach the basics and then emphasize on quick problem solving, mock-tests and real time examples. The teachers here are friendly and easily approachable and they provide individual care as well. But Chemistry is not structured properly in terms of distribution of time and focus on topics and optimization. Math classes are conceptual but for quick and fast implementation in JEE you might have to work on few other things by yourself. Overall, if you want individual care then it is a decent coaching center to join for JEE, WBJEE and other engineering exam aspirants. See genuine reviews of IITopper Kolkata here.

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Rank 3 : Resonance Kolkata –

Resonance is one of the emerging coaching s in Kolkata. They provide excellent study materials and daily assignments called as DPP(same as in Kota). They plan a good curriculum to crack jee main and advanced. Chemistry classes are really good but physics is not up to mark and maths is average. Daily assignments(Dpp) are provided, which helps keep student be focused, regular and in touch with the subject matter all the time. The study materials are really good and in comparison with other institutes, it is one of the best. Its test series is one of the best in India and helps in cracking Jee. See genuine reviews of Resonance Kolkata here.

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Rank 4 : Pathfinder Kolkata – 

Pathfinder is considered the best if you aim for WBJEE and other entrance exams along with the board exams. The faculty are  good and interactive. They are very friendly and easily approachable, whenever there is any doubt regarding any subject. Doubt clearing classes are held too. The study materials are brief and effective, which helped to grasp any particular topic in less time. The test series helps in time management and gears you up for the entrance exams. Its very common among local students who have more priority for board exams. There is much focus on getting good rank rather than getting best ranks. The teaching standard is more of Board level. So, if you wish to do good in Board+Wbjee, then Pathfinder is best for you.  See genuine reviews of Pathfinder Kolkata here.

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Rank 5 : Aakash Institute Kolkata –

Aakash is mostly known for medical entrances than Jee preparation, so their focus is always on doing good in NEET/AIIMS. But yes the faculties are good. Everyday after class each student get extensive one to one doubt clearing session with the teachers, where you can ask any number of doubts. The course material provided is very systematically arranged and is in accordance with the competitive exams. But the negative point was that the Test series was not of Jee standards. As tests are an integral part of Jee preparation, its better to take other test series also if you join aakash. See genuine reviews of Aakash Kolkata here. 

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So, if you are a very intelligent student, or someone who have done pre foundation course for Jee in their Class 9 or 10 and you wish to get best ranks in Jee, then certainly go for Fiitjee, but keeping in mind that you have to maintain you top position in the batch. But if you are not that intelligent and wish to have personal care and one to one interaction and wish to crack Jee, then go for IITopper, Resonance. And if you wish to do good in Boards and if WBJEE or other entrance exams are you main focus, then go for Pathfinder. There are few other coaching as well in Kolkata and few individual subject tuition. If you feel that you are not able to cope up with some subject and really need help in a specific subject then only go for Individual Subject Coaching, because the most important thing in Jee preparation is self study, and if you spend all your time in coaching then you will only be fooling yourself.

Though you can crack Jee by only doing self study and not joining any coaching, but having coaching will certainly give you an edge as the coaching faculties know how to prepare and they can guide you.

If you are ok with going anywhere in India for IIT preparation then see my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India.

Its important that you do not go by the number of selections which the coaching centers show because most of the coaching centers publish the number from all their centers from all its centers from India, but what is important is the number of selected students from the center you want to study in. So beware of such fake news. And few coaching also add their students who took only Distance learning program in their results, and students think that they actually so many ranks. So try to do good research on all the coaching before you join one, because this decision can change your life.

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8 Comments on “Top 5 IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Kolkata for you”

  1. For crack JEE with good rank then you have to do study consistently for that you can take help from some good online portal also. I also recommend you to once check EntrancePrime India, which is best online coaching for JEE and NEET. It really helps you to clear your concepts and update you accordingly with the latest pattern of JEE

  2. Aims is the another top most institute in jee mains & Advanced & NEET in kolkata. best shortcut method in physics & chemistry make able to student can sole problem within 30 sec.

  3. By considering Best faculty, small batch, study material, Tuition fees, Real result I have select 5 best institute in Kolkata
    1. Aims:
    Situated in Barrackpore. Probably the faculty quality of Aims Best in Kolkata but tuition fee least in India. The probably only institute in India whose 2 years classroom coaching tuition fee less Than 1 lakes.
    Only disadvantage of the institute is only one branch in Kolkata i.e in Barrackpore, But lots of student comes from Rural area to study in Aims.
    As per my view this institute is best value for money.

    2. Aakash: Aakash is big brand name have lots of branch in Kolkata. They are good in medical but faculty quality is not good in all the branch. Tuition fees is abnormal high as compare to faculty & service.
    3. FIIT-JEE: Like Aakash FIIT-JEE also a big brand name, but Tuition fees is abnormal high as compare to faculty & service.
    4. Resonance: for JEE Main & Advanced resonance is good, but their Kolkata branch faculty quality is too poor. Study material is good.
    5. Pathfinder: Only Hazra branch is good. All other branch have lack of good quality faculty.

  4. i think Partha Educational Institutions which has branches at Salt lake , Bangur and New town is best among all the coaching institutes. Here all faculties are iitians and they are very dedicated . And fee is also very less as compare to other coaching institutes.

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