What are the top 3 IIT JEE Coaching Classes In Pune?

Best IIT Coaching Institutes in Pune

Students from various institutes of Pune have performed very good in past years in Jee main and advanced. Few of them have got good ranks in Top 100 as well. Every year thousands of students from all over India and specifically Maharashtra come to Pune for Jee preparation, with the dream to crack Jee. Though coaching centers in Pune do not have high reputations like coaching in Kota, Hyderabad or Delhi, but in recent years, many good coachings have come up in Pune and have shown fantastic results. If someone can go far from their home town for Jee preparation, then I would certainly recommend him to go to Kota or Hyderabad, but if he wishes to prepare at home, then Pune has few of the best coaching for them. Every coaching claims to be the best, but I have put forward the Ranking of Best Coaching Classes for IIT in Pune with detailed points :

Rank 1 : Bakliwal Tutorials IIT Pune – 

Bakliwal Tutorials has been constantly producing the best results in Pune for many years. 300+ students qualified for Jee advanced and 70+ students got ranks below 10000 in Jee advanced, which is far more than their competitors. It has produced city topper 4+ times in Jee advanced and also state topper. See what the toppers have to say. Faculty at Bakliwal are great and are open to suggestions and improvements. The management at Bakliwal is amazing, if classes are cancelled or postponed they send out sms, etc. The fees is a little high, around 1 Lakh per year. You have doubt sessions in between the classes, and you can always wait after class to ask questions to your teachers. Students can study after classes if they want. Tests are conducted in each month, which helps students to know their position and strength. It has excellent Chemistry teachers. There are many good students, so students get a healthy competition and good atmosphere to grow. Classrooms are well furnished and spacious and are mostly they are AC classrooms. See genuine reviews of Bakliwal Tutorials Pune here.

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Rank 2 : M Prakash Academy Pune –

M Prakash Academy is known for its Mathematics. 50+ students out of 113 students got ranks below 10000 in Jee advanced. So, 40% students cracked Jee and 90% students qualified for Jee advanced, which is one of the highest percentage. The best ranks they got were 84, 132, 146 etc. See what the M Prakash Sir have to say. The unique thing of M Prakash Academy is, they only take admission in Class 8, 9 and 11. So, there is no repeater batch and all the cracked students are from fresher batch. The fees here is less than Rs 50000 per year, which is very less than its competitors. Teachers at M. Prakash are definitely better, but they go much deeper into the topics than required to crack JEE, which creates problem for students to cover all the things taught in class. The teachers teach maths more as a research subject not concentrating on the ways to crack the problems fast and efficiently during the exams. It focuses for cracking math Olympiads. M Prakash academy does not conduct lectures after January till Jee advanced, but yes students can ask doubts. So they get good amount of time for self study. See genuine reviews of M Prakash Academy Pune here.

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Rank 3 : IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pune –

IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra have a very promising result since few year. 200+ students qualified for Jee advanced and 40+ students got ranks below 10000 in Jee advanced. They provide proper batches as per the talent so that students can discuss and become better. Prashikshan is well know for its punctuality and regular classes. They provide with proper revision lectures which helps students to recollect all they have been taught. Chemistry is really well taught by the respective teachers and Mathematics and Physics is average. See genuine reviews of IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pune here.

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So, if you are financially strong enough to pay the fees of 1 Lakh per year, then go for Bakliwal Tutorials, but if you do not have that much to spend, then you should opt M Prakash Academy.  The intake of Bakliwal Tutorials andIITian’s Prashikshan Kendra is much higher than M Prakash, so M Prakash has a very good success rate. There are few other coaching as well in Pune and few individual subject tuition. If you feel that you are not able to cope up with some subject and really need help in a specific subject then only go for Individual Subject Coaching, because the most important thing in Jee preparation is self study, and if you spend all your time in coaching then you will only be fooling yourself.

Though you can crack Jee by only doing self study and not joining any coaching, but having coaching will certainly give you an edge as the coaching faculties know how to prepare and they can guide you.

If you are ok with going anywhere in India for IIT preparation then see my blog on Best IIT Coaching In India.

Its important that you do not go by the number of selections which the coaching centers show because most of the coaching centers publish the number from all their centers from all its centers from India, but what is important is the number of selected students from the center you want to study in. So beware of such fake news. And few coaching also add their students who took only Distance learning program in their results, and students think that they actually so many ranks. And there are institutes who show percent selection in Jee advanced out of students who qualified for it, but its a much higher percentage as they should show percent out of students who studied there and gave Jee and not only those who qualified for Jee advanced. So try to do good research on all the coaching before you join one, because this decision can change your life.

We have tried our level best to get the rankings right. Please share your opinion in the comments. If you liked this blog, please share it with your friends and share it on Facebook. Like our Facebook Page , and subscribe to our blog to get notification when we publish any blog. Keep checking Ransphire for more coaching reviews.

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  1. I am studying at Contrivance IIT and Medical Coaching Institute. I think they have very good batches and classes for JEE Mains and Advanced. U can try that..!! – www . contrivanceiitjee . com

  2. Hi, to add to the above names there is a new option come up at Wakad having success rate if 81% for Jee 2017. It is Sparkle Learning center who has got avg 56% success track record and very energetic and experience Yong facilities dedicated to the center and not on hourly basis.

    This option is priced in such a way that it is not too high nor too low. Search on Google or reach out to them on 8806140005/9

  3. Thank you for sharing the valuable information with us. If you wish to brush up your knowledge, you are welcome to visit S.B Patil College of Science and Commerce website . We endeavour to provide the best upgraded details of the topic.

  4. My son is studying in M Prakash Academy, difference in Bakliwala and M Prakash is intake capacity. M Prakash takes max 120 students out of that 80 to 90 student get rank in IIT advanced, in Bakliwala thousands of student takes admission. Also they tie up with various colleges. M Prakash takes test for selection of student, Bakliwala takes all students

  5. I have enrolled my children with SPARKLE Learning, they are too good when it comes for handling the students with their queries. The faculties are residential and that helps my child to clear his doubt any time of the day.

    The management is very supportive and always ready to accept any suggestions and they implement the same if it best for the students.

    They have a good life balance for student and brings in external faculties to explain difficult subject from different perspective to students. My child is fascinated and is doing gr8, lets hope he crack the JEE Advance.

    1. Thank you Ayushi for your valuable comment. Of all the feedback that Ransphire gets from its multiple sources, we find that the ones from parents of students are the most credible and trust creating. So thank you once again for your time. All the best to your son for JEE Advanced 2018 from the entire Ransphire team.

  6. FIITJEE in Pune is good. My son is in class 9 th. Within few days I have seen remarkable improvement. I myself from science background, I could feel the difference.

  7. I am student of Bakliwal tutorials! No doubt it’s a best coaching in Pune ! BT where best students meet best teachers

  8. Pune City has recently come up with a new institute for IIT JEE preparation in the name of ACTAYE Education & Research. USP of this institute is their REVISION COURSES along with the YEAR LONG COURSES.

    This institute gives 100% Success Rate Guarantee for 2 Year Long Courses or Money Back*

    Teaching Methodology of the institute is different compared to other institutes.
    – Subject topics in classrooms are explained using videos, simulations & presentations
    – 4 Times Revision of each subject per year
    – Solutions to past 40 Years IIT JEE Questions explained in detail
    – Tests on everyday topics through tablets

    For any queries Call on 989 989 7342 or visit http://www.actaye.com

    *T&C Apply

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